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Amanda Pierce is the recipient of the Graduate Program in Biology Academic and Professional Achievement Award that includes a check for $1500.  In 2010, Amanda joined the program in Population Biology, Ecology and Evolution in the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences. She later joined the lab of Jaap de Roode in 2011. 

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Robert Liu has been named the Winship Distinguished Research Professor for the next three years.

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News and Events


Andreas Fritz will be honored on March 25 as a new member of the Emory MilliPub Club.  The MilliPub Club was formed in 2009 to honor and recognize Emory faculty who have published one or more individual papers that have each garnered more than 1000 citations. Such a paper is commonly considered a “citation classic” and represents high impact scholarship.

Zebrafish hox clusters and vertebrate genome evolution
A Amores, A Force, YL Yan, L Joly, C Amemiya, A Fritz… - Science, 1998

Jaap de Roode's TEDYouth talk from November was published by at

Congratulations to Pat Marsteller who is among nine scientists from Emory University elected by The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as 2014 Fellows!

Emory is #10 on the list of the best colleges in which to major in Biology!!!

Change in Biology B.S. Requirements:  Students declaring a Biology B.S. major after the first day of classes, Fall 2014, will be required to take QTM 100 in addition to two Calculus classes.  QTM100 will not be required for the Biology B.A.


Spring 2015 Biology Seminar Series

The seminars & Science Cafe talks will continue to be on Tuesdays every week in Rm. 1052 of O. Wayne Rollins Research Center at 9 a.m.

Science Cafe talks are to have informal discussions on science- and education-related topics over a light breakfast.

Tues. January 13
Nick Parrish, Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University and Medical Scientist Training Program, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Acquired immunity through piRNAs derived from infecting viruses: a eukaryotic CRISPR?
Host: Bruce Levin

Tues., January 20
Andreas Fritz, Emory Biology
Title: A tale of tails and tumors

Tues., January 27
Julijana Gjorgjieva, Volen Center for Complex Systems, Brandeis University
Title: The developing brain: How single neurons and plasticity impact function and information transmission in neuronal networks
Host: Astrid Prinz
(Neuro Theorist Faculty Search candidate)

Tues., February 3
Cristina Savin, Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Title: Hippocampal adaptations for efficient memory recall: from single synapses to behaviour
Host: Dieter Jaeger
(Neuro Theorist Faculty Search candidate)

Tues., February 10
Gordon Berman, Department of Physics, Princeton University
Title: Mapping the structure of animal behavior
Host: Sam Sober
(Neuro Theorist Faculty Search candidate)

Thur., February 12
John Murray, Center for Neural Science, New York University
Title: A hierarchy of intrinsic timescales across primate cortex
Host: Robert Liu
(Neuro Theorist Faculty Search candidate)

Tues., February 17
RESCHEDULED to 11 a.m. due to winter weather
Ann Hermundstad, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Beyond independence: emergent neural function and the natural world
Host: Ilya Nemenman
(Neuro Theorist Faculty Search candidate)

Tues., February 24
no seminar

Tues., March 3
Science Cafe led by Cassandra Quave
Topic: Revitalization of the Emory Herbarium: Quo Vadis?

Tues., March 10
SPRING BREAK- no seminar

Tues., March 17
Shawn Martin, Emory Career Center and
Don Batisky, Emory PreHealth Mentoring Office
Title: Demystifying the Mysteries: What is PreHealth Mentoring?
Host: Kathy Campbell

Tues., March 24
Brian Gregory, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Global analysis of RNA-protein interactions and RNA secondary structure in eukaryotes
Host: Roger Deal

Tues., March 31
Science Cafe led by Meleah Hickman
Topic: Science and Social Media

Tues., April 7
Wayne Aldridge, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan
Title: Neural Representations of Reward in the Ventral Pallidum
Host: Dieter Jaeger

Tues., April 14
Science Cafe led by Les Real
Topic: The natural history of beauty: pattern and form in art and nature

Sean B. Carroll, Departments of Genetics and Molecular Biology, University of Madison-Wisconsin

Tues., April 21, Undergraduate Research Symposium Keynote Speaker
Title: Brave Genius: A Scientists’ Adventures from the French Resistance to the Nobel Prize
2-5:00 student poster session
5:00 p.m. symposium
6:00 p.m. author book signing
WHSCAB auditorium & plaza

Wed., April 22
Rhodes Lectureship
Title: Gene Co-Option and the Evolution of Novelty
12:00 lecture
1:00 lunch reception
Whitehead auditorium & lobby

Fri., April 24
LucchesiFest: A Celebration of the Science and Career of John C. Lucchesi
Whitehead Auditorium





Contact and Directions

The Biology Department is located in the O. Wayne Rollins Research Center, 1510 Clifton Road NE, Room 2006, Atlanta, GA 30322. The telephone number is 404-727-6292 (main office).

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