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Congratulations to Arthur Menezes for winning the 2020 Department of Biology Award given in honor of Darrell Stokes.

Congratulations to Jessie Jiang for earning the 2020 Biology Undergraduate Research Award in honor of Pat Marsteller.

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Congratulations to Arri Eisen for presenting his book, 'Enlightened Gene', to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

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Undergraduate students are welcome to schedule personal meetings with our Biology Department Academic Coordinator or our Department Administrator.

To schedule a meeting with the Biology Academic Coordinator, Barbara Shannon:

Click here if you would like to schedule a meeting via phone or Zoom.

To schedule a meeting via Zoom or phone call with the Biology Department Administrator, Sonia Hayden:

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Read updated information about Bio 495 Honors here.

From the Biology faculty to the Emory 2020 Biology graduates: Congratulations on all of your hard work!  View video here.

Congratulations to Biology Emeritus Dr. George Jones who has received the Heilbrun Fellowship!

The title of Dr. Jones's successful Heilbrun Distinguished Award notification is “ANALYSIS OF ANCESTRAL tRNA NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASES” which is a continuation and extension of what were his scholarly interests prior to his retirement. The Biology Department is very happy for Dr. Jones and fully supports his continued pursuit of and engagement in his interesting scholarship.  Read more here.

Biology is very proud of Dr. Nicole Gerardo because she is so deserving to be a winner of the Emory Williams teaching award!  Read more here.

Congratulations to Dr. Erica Harris who is the 2020 Eleanor Main Student Mentor Award recipient. Harris just graduated with a PhD in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (PBEE). She completed her graduate studies working in the biology labs of Dr. Nicole Gerardo and Dr. Jaap de Roode.  Read more here.

Dr. Anita Corbett
is the recipient of the 2020 American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Mid-Career Leadership Award, which recognizes individuals with a strong commitment to advancing the careers of women in molecular biology and biochemistry along with demonstrated excellence in research, discovery and/or service. 

This award will be presented at the 2020 ASBMB Meeting in April 2020.  Read more here.

Dr. Ilya Nemenman and collaborator’s research on the fundamental limits of accuracy of molecular sensing by living cells was published in Physical Review Letters and featured in Physics, an American Physical Society publication focused on profiling "results that will change the course of research, inspire a new way of thinking, or spark curiosity.” Read more here.

Congratulations to our faculty who have been promoted as of September 1:
Dr. Megan Cole, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Jaap de Roode, Professor
Dr. Nicole Gerardo, Professor
Dr. Robert Liu, Professor

Dr. Jaap de Roode is one of the leaders of the research initiative “From Molecular Pathogenesis to Global Pandemics.” Emory has provided $5 million for this initiative as a result of a Task Force on the Future of Basic Sciences Research formed to identify priorities for investment through 2025. Read more.

Dr. Ilya Nemenman and collaborators used modern machine learning to build mechanistic, interpretable models capable of predicting behavior of a roundworm C. elegans with high accuracy. Read more.


Fall 2020 Biology Seminar Series

The seminars & Science Cafe talks will be virtual for Fall 2020 on Thursdays at 11:00 am EST.  Check back for a schedule of talks beginning August 20, 2020.

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