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Congratulations to Joan Shang for winning the 2017 Darrell Stokes Award for excellence in Biology.

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Congratulations to Robert Liu and Elizabeth Ann Amadei for their study, published recently by Nature.

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Congratulations to Sam Sober who just earned tenure and has been promoted to Associate Professor in Biology!
Congratulations to Robert Liu and members of his lab with this article that just came out in Nature.  Elizabeth Amadei, current post-doc in the Liu lab, is the first author.  Read it here.  The Emory press release is here.
Biology associate professor, Jaap de Roode, wins Emory Williams Teaching Award.  The Emory Williams Teaching Award is given in recognition of a record of excellence in teaching. The designation represents the highest university honor for teaching given to a full-time faculty member. The award was established by Emory Williams, a 1932 Emory College alumnus and long-time trustee.
Biology senior Caroline Holmes wins prestigious McMullan Award.  Read more here.

Every year the European Society for Evolutionary Biology distinguishes an outstanding young evolutionary biologist with the John Maynard Smith Prize. The winner for 2017 is Amanda Gibson, a FIRST (Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching) postdoc in Levi Morran's lab. Congratulations, Dr. Gibson!  Read more here.

New Directions in Motor Control Workshop
Emory Conference Center Hotel | May 18-19, 2017

More than 150 researchers from Emory, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and around the country gathered at the Emory Conference Center for “New Directions in Motor Control,” a workshop organized by Dr. Sam Sober assistant professor of biology, Dr. Simon Sponberg, assistant professor of physics and biological sciences at Georgia Tech, and Dr. David Hofmann, a postdoctoral researcher in physics at Emory. The workshop focused on recent experimental and theoretical advances in our understanding of how the brain controls the body and learns complex skills. Highlights included presentations from both local faculty and keynote speakers from around the world, as well as hands-on tutorial sessions in which meeting attendees learned to implement cutting-edge computational analysis techniques. This workshop was the first major event by Emory’s Theory and Modeling of Living Systems Initiative, an interdisciplinary collaboration led by Dr. Ilya Nemenman (Professor of Biology and Physics) that seeks to cultivate and expand research that builds theoretical frameworks for understanding living systems. Major funding for the workshop was provided by the Kavli Foundation, an anonymous gift to promote theoretical physics approaches in biology, and additional funding from both Emory and Georgia Tech.

View this interesting segment from CNN that features Vincent Ciavatta (Lab Lead Instructional Specialist in Biology) teaching monks a lab course he developed.  The monks are studying here for the Emory Tibet Science Initiative.  There are also interviews with Biology faculty, Arri Eisen and Anthropology faculty, Carol Worthman.

Read about the research of Cassandra Quave, the curator for the Emory herbarium, located in the Biology Department, and an Associated Faculty member here.

"The red berries of the Brazilian peppertree – a weedy, invasive species common in Florida – contain an extract with the power to disarm dangerous antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, scientists at Emory University have discovered." Read more.

Congratulations to Sam Sober who just learned that he is the junior scientist selected to receive the 2017 Albert E. Levy Award for outstanding science!

The Albert E. Levy Scientific Research Award was established to recognize the contributions of Emory faculty members to the advancement of scientific knowledge. It was created by Edith Levy Elsas, a civic and academic activist, while she was a member of Emory University Board of Visitors in memory of her father, Albert E. Levy. The award is overseen by the University Research Committee. Each year, awards for junior and senior faculty are selected by the University Research Committee to recognize outstanding research publications.

Congratulations to Ilya Nemenman and Sam Sober for recently receiving a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative! Read more here.


Fall 2017 Biology Seminar Series

The seminars & Science Cafe talks will continue to be on Tuesdays every week in Rm. 1052 of O. Wayne Rollins Research Center at 9 a.m. (unless otherwise noted).

Science Cafe talks are to have informal discussions on science- and education-related topics over a light breakfast.

Tues., September 5
Daniel Pomp, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Department of Genetics, Gillings School of Public Health
Title: GeneSeek: Genetics, Money, & How a Hobby Business Helped Usher in Molecular Prediction in Agriculture
*4:00 p.m. (NOTE different time)
*W201 Math & Science Center, 400 Dowman Drive
Host: Arri Eisen

Tues., September 12 POSTPONED to Oct. 3 for hurricane
Mary Mullins, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Title: Establishment of Oocyte Polarity in Vertebrates
*12:00 p.m. (NOTE different time, GMB seminar)
*Whitehead auditorium

Tues., September 19

Tues., September 26
Peggy Brickman, Department of Plant Biology, University of Georgia
Title: Show me the way: Faculty crave directive feedback when trying active learning approaches
Host: Rachelle Spell

Tues., October 3
Maurine Neiman, Department of Biology, University of Iowa
Title: Sex in the Wild (and especially in New Zealand)
Host: Levi Morran

Tues., October 3
Mary Mullins, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Title: Establishment of Oocyte Polarity in Vertebrates
*12:00 p.m. (NOTE different time, GMB seminar)
*Whitehead auditorium

Tues., October 10
FALL BREAK- no seminar

Tues., October 17
Meena Balgopal, Department of Biology, Colorado State University
Title: Writing matters: Supporting student learning in biology classes
Host: Nicole Gerardo

Tues., October 24
Cassandra Quave, Department of Dermatology and Center for Human Health, Curator of Emory Herbarium
Title: Ethnobotany and the development of novel anti-infectives for the post-antibiotic era

Tues., October 31
Walter Wilczynski, Neuroscience Institute, Georgia State University
Title: Hormonal and Social Modulation of Acoustic Communication in Frogs
Host: Robert Liu

Tues., November 7 SCIENCE CAFE
Colin Harrison, School of Biological Sciences, Georgia Tech University
Title: Language Matters: Considering Microaggressions in Science

Tues., November 14
Nicole Gerardo, Emory Biology
Title: Environmental Acquisition of Ecologically-Important Microbes in a Tractable Host-Symbiont Model

Tues., November 21
Meleah Hickman, Emory Biology
Title: Ploidy dynamics of an opportunistic pathogen

Tues., November 28
Gabriel Zentner, Department of Biology, Indiana University
Title: ChEC-ing in on transcriptional regulation
Host: Roger Deal

Tues., December 5
Scott V. Edwards, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
Title: TBA
Host: Shozo Yokoyama

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