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Congratulations to Lukas Hoffmann for winning the 2015 Graduate Program in Biology Academic and Professional Achievement Award.

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The story of the evolution of color vision in the African clawed frog "is full of mysterious twists and turns," says evolutionary biologist Shozo Yokoyama.

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News and Events


Deadline for application: Friday, December 4th 11:59 PM
Trip tentatively June 30th-August 3rd 2016

The Emory chapter of Nourish International will be collaborating with MOCHE (a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of life of rural communities in Peru) to support a community called Jesus Maria near Trujillo, Peru. This upcoming summer, interns will build latrines, implement community health and heritage surveys, and plan a community health fair.

For more detailed information, check out this powerpoint.

Dieter Jaeger recently received a grant from the National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative to explore questions about neural circuitry. He shares the $1.7 million award with Garrett Stanley, a neuroscientist in the Emory-Georgia Tech Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). Read more.

Read this article in Science featuring the work of Leiling Tao, a postdoctoral researcher in the de Roode lab.

The Department of Biology at Emory University seeks applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in ecology and evolution of infectious disease in Fall 2016. We will consider applicants with research programs in any aspect of the ecology and evolution of infectious disease, using approaches that include but are not limited to field experimentation, theoretical modeling, experimental evolution, genomics and synthetic biology. We encourage applicants with strong mathematical and statistical modeling components to their work.   Read more....

Congratulations to Emory's Megan Cole (Biology) and Tim Read (Dept. of Human Genetics, SOM) for developing Biology's Intro Bio lab module on the whale shark genome.  Emory just released a story and video about it on E Science Commons.

The Biology Department continues to develop new pedagogical approaches to educate our students. From the use of case studies and process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) to flipped classes, we are dedicated to the innovative teaching that will prepare our students for the challenging world they will encounter.  Here is a video showing Alex Escobar's recently flipped class for BIO 301 (Biochemistry).

President Wagner has just named Bruce Levin to deliver the 2016 Distinguished Faculty Lecture.  Look for the announcement for February 2016.  Congratulations, Bruce!


Fall 2015 Biology Seminar Series

The seminars & Science Cafe talks will continue to be on Tuesdays every week in Rm. 1052 of O. Wayne Rollins Research Center at 9 a.m.

Science Cafe talks are to have informal discussions on science- and education-related topics over a light breakfast.

Tues., September 8
Brian Gregory, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Global analysis of the RNA-protein interaction and RNA secondary structure landscapes of Arabidopsis root hair and non hair cell nuclei
Host: Roger Deal

Tues., September 15
Science Cafe led by Bruce Levin
Topic: The microbiome

Tues., September 22
Constantine Dovrolis, Department of Computer Science, Georgia Tech University
Title: An explanatory evo-devo model for the developmental hourglass
Host: Alex Escobar

Tues., September 29
Science Cafe led by Patrick Cafferty
Topic: Biology Online Teaching

Tues., October 6
Gregg Orloff, Emory Biology
Title: CancerQuest: Cancer education for patients and the community

Tues., October 13
FALL BREAK- will not meet

Tues., October 20
Levi Morran, Emory Biology
Title: Evolutionary ecology of the maintenance of outcrossing: Searching for natural selection’s Chuck Norris

Tues., October 27
Science Cafe led by Alex Escobar
Topic: Flipping Biochemistry

Tues., November 3
Shozo Yokoyama, Emory Biology
Title: A mystery of Judy Morgan’s pet frog: evolution of violet perception

Tues., November 10
Science Cafe led by Megan Cole, Arri Eisen, Rachelle Spell
Topic: Emory Tibet Science Initiative

Tues., November 17
Megan Cole, Emory Biology
Title: Authentic research experiences in intro labs

Tues., November 24
Science Cafe led by Dieter Jaeger
Topic: Fast feedback methods to interact with your experimental results in real time

Tues., December 1
Robert Hampton, Department of Psychology, Emory
Title: Cognitive monitoring and cognitive control in rhesus monkeys

Tues., December 8
Karen Miga, Postdoctoral Fellow in Department of Biomolecular Engineering, University of California at Santa Cruz
Title: The dark side of the genome: A high-resolution study of human centromeric regions
Host: Meleah Hickman
*GMB seminar slot at 12:00 p.m. in Whitehead Auditorium

Contact and Directions

The Biology Department is located in the O. Wayne Rollins Research Center, 1510 Clifton Road NE, Room 2006, Atlanta, GA 30322. The telephone number is 404-727-6292 (main office).

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