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Congratulations to Joan Shang for winning the 2017 Darrell Stokes Award for excellence in Biology.

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Congratulations to Robert Liu and Elizabeth Ann Amadei for their study, published recently by Nature.

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Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Calabrese who received the Award for Education in Neuroscience from The Society for Neuroscience (SfN). The award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience education.


Spring 2018 Biology Seminar Series

The seminars & Science Cafe talks will continue to be on Tuesdays every week in Rm. 1052 of O. Wayne Rollins Research Center at 9 a.m. (unless otherwise noted).

Science Cafe talks are to have informal discussions on science- and education-related topics over a light breakfast.

Tues., January 16
Roger Deal, Emory Biology
Title: Defining the gene regulatory mechanisms that control plant development

Tues., January 23
Robert Hofstra, Department of Clinical Genetics, Erasmus MC,  The Netherlands  
Title: Hirschsprung Disease: from bed to bench and back?
Host: Iain Shepherd

Tues., January 30
Bruce Levin, Emory Biology
Title: Computer- and data- assisted musings about antibiotic treatment, and how ribosome-targeting antibiotics do their bacteriostatic and bactericidal things

Tues., February 6
Natalie Nady, Department of Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford School of Medicine
Title: Regulating Chromatin Landscape in Cancer and Stem Cells
Host: Anita Corbett
*Candidate for Tenure Track Position in Epigenetics/Epigenomics Research

Tues., Feb. 13
Adam Bewick, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia
Title: Understanding epigenetic variation through the lens of evolution
Host: Bill Kelly
*Candidate for Tenure Track Position in Epigenetics/Epigenomics Research

Tues., Feb. 20
Leila Rieder, Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Brown University
Title: One protein to find them and in the nucleus bind them: molecular mechanisms to coordinate gene expression in Drosophila
Host: Bill Kelly
*Candidate for Tenure Track Position in Epigenetics/Epigenomics Research

Thur., Feb. 22 (*note different day of the week= Thursday)
Yejing Ge, Department of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development, The Rockefeller University
Title: Functional Interrogation of Stem Cell Lineage Infidelity
Host: Meleah Hickman
*Candidate for Tenure Track Position in Epigenetics/Epigenomics Researc

Tues., Feb. 27
Patrick Murphy, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Title: Inheritance and Reprogramming of DNA Methylation Relies on Placeholder Nucleosomes
Host: Andreas Fritz
*Candidate for Tenure Track Position in Epigenetics/Epigenomics Research

Tues., March 6

Tues., March 13- NO SEMINAR (Spring Break)

Tues., March 20
Erin Dolan, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UGA
Title:  Undergraduate Research at Scale: What if the treatment is a CURE?
Host: Eladio Abreu
*Co sponsored by Emory’s Office of Undergraduate Education and the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence

Tues., March 27
Dieter Jaeger, Emory Biology
Title: Are the basal ganglia stealing free will?

Tues., April 3
Steve L'Hernault, Emory Biology
Title: Humans, Nematodes and a Billion Years of Evolution: Teasing out Conserved Functions during the Rapidly Evolving Process of Spermatogenesis

Tues., April 10 SCIENCE CAFE
Chris Beck and Megan Cole
Title: Experimentation in Biology Labs: What should students learn and when should we teach it?

Tues., April 17
Shozo Yokoyama, Emory Biology
Title: All creatures conspicuous and invisible

2018 Distinguished Rhodes Lecturer
Eve Marder, Department of Biology, Brandeis University

Wed., April 25 Rhodes Lecture
4:00 in Whitehead Auditorium
Title: Robustness, Modulation and Homeostasis in Neurons and Networks
Reception following in lobby

Thur., April 26 Biology Undergraduate Symposium Keynote Address
4:00 in SOM, Room 120
Title: Using lobsters and crabs to probe the secrets of life

Tues., May 1
Scott Solomon, Department of Biosciences, Rice University
Title: Human evolution in the 21st century and beyond


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