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Congratulations to Ryan Sutherland for winning the 2016 Darrell Stokes Award for excellence in Biology.

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The story of the evolution of color vision in the African clawed frog "is full of mysterious twists and turns," says evolutionary biologist Shozo Yokoyama.

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Class of 2017 Commencement Reception
May 8, 2017, 12:30-3:00 p.m.
Biology Department 2nd floor lobby and Room 2052 behind elevators (O. Wayne Rollins Research Center). Please RSVP to Barbara Shannon at with the number of people attending. Parking is available in the Michael Street Parking Deck.

Every year the European Society for Evolutionary Biology distinguishes an outstanding young evolutionary biologist with the John Maynard Smith Prize. The winner for 2017 is Amanda Gibson, a FIRST (Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching) postdoc in Levi Morran's lab. Congratulations, Dr. Gibson!  Read more here.

New Directions in Motor Control Workshop
Emory Conference Center Hotel | May 18-19, 2017
No cost for workshop.  Read more here.

For details about registration, click on the Register tab. Deadline for registration for the workshop is May 4, 2017.

Lodging reservations
April 25, 2017 is the deadline to reserve a room. After the deadline date the hotel will release the rooms for general sale and no rooms will be available.

View this interesting segment from CNN that features Vincent Ciavatta (Lab Lead Instructional Specialist in Biology) teaching monks a lab course he developed.  The monks are studying here for the Emory Tibet Science Initiative.  There are also interviews with Biology faculty, Arri Eisen and Anthropology faculty, Carol Worthman.

Read about the research of Cassandra Quave, the curator for the Emory herbarium, located in the Biology Department, and an Associated Faculty member here.

"The red berries of the Brazilian peppertree – a weedy, invasive species common in Florida – contain an extract with the power to disarm dangerous antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, scientists at Emory University have discovered." Read more.

Congratulations to Sam Sober who just learned that he is the junior scientist selected to receive the 2017 Albert E. Levy Award for outstanding science!

The Albert E. Levy Scientific Research Award was established to recognize the contributions of Emory faculty members to the advancement of scientific knowledge. It was created by Edith Levy Elsas, a civic and academic activist, while she was a member of Emory University Board of Visitors in memory of her father, Albert E. Levy. The award is overseen by the University Research Committee. Each year, awards for junior and senior faculty are selected by the University Research Committee to recognize outstanding research publications.

Congratulations to Ilya Nemenman and Sam Sober for recently receiving a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative! Read more here.

Megan Cole is a lecturer in the biology department in addition to her role as director of undergraduate laboratories.  "...leaving the cookbook labs behind creates students who are more confident in their research, and much more interested in careers that will include it.  Turning the frustration over a module into curiosity may make a scientist. But it also teaches critical-thinking skills to anyone following the latest findings in the news, Cole says." Read more here.


Spring 2017 Biology Seminar Series

The seminars & Science Cafe talks will continue to be on Tuesdays every week in Rm. 1052 of O. Wayne Rollins Research Center at 9 a.m. (unless otherwise noted).

Science Cafe talks are to have informal discussions on science- and education-related topics over a light breakfast.

Tues., January 17th
George Dimopoulos, Dept. of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Exploring mosquito – pathogen interactions for disease control
Host: Jaap de Roode

Tues., January 24th
SCIENCE CAFE with Mark Lee, Department of Biology, Spelman College
Discussion topic: Mentoring Matters

Host: Eladio Abreu

Tues., January 31st
Sam Sober, Emory Biology

Title: Vocal control, sensorimotor learning, and the dynamics of birdsong

Tues., February 7th
Science Cluster Hire candidate talk
John Lindo,
Department of Human Genetics, Univ. of Chicago
Title: Ancient DNA: Insights into Human Demographic Histories and Evolution
Location: Nursing School, Room 203

Tues., February 14th
Science Cluster Hire candidate talk

Nic Vega,
Department of Physics, MIT

Title: Stochastic and deterministic microbial community assembly in a C. elegans model
Location: Whitehead auditorium

Tues., February 21st
Lucia Carvelli, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Univ. of North Dakota
Mechanisms of Action of Amphetamine: Insights from C. elegans Epigenetics and Physiology
Host: Bill Kelly

Tues., February 28th
Milo FaskenEmory Biology Postdoc in Corbett Lab
Title: Insight into the RNA Exosome Complex Through Modeling Neurological Disease Mutations in Yeast

Tues., March 7th
SPRING BREAK- will not meet

Tues., March 14th
Karen Levy, Dept. of Environmental Health, RSPH, Emory
Title: What is a pathogen?

Tues., March 21st
Rohan Palmer, Emory Psychology
Title: The Etiology of Substance Use Disorders: Contextual Considerations for Complex Traits
Host: Robert Liu

Tues., March 28th
David Hofmann, Emory Physics Postdoc in Nemenman Lab
Title: A thorough analysis of myoelectric signals
Damian Hernandez, Emory Physics Postdoc in Nemenman Lab
Bayesian Ising approximation for learning dictionaries of multispike timing patterns in premotor neurons

Tues., April 4th
Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Autism Center
Title: How To Measure the Life of a Child: Developmental Profiling of Early
Vocal Behavior in Infants at Risk of ASD

Host: Gordon Berman

Tues., April 11th
Sarah Eddy, Department of Biology, Florida International University
Title: Reducing inequities in college biology classrooms: Consider Pedagogy and Student Affect
Host: Eladio Abreu
*Location: Whitehead auditorium
*Time: 2:00 p.m.

Hopi E. Hoekstra,  Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology and Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Harvard University

Wed., April 19th 

11:00 a.m.

Rhodes Lecture in Biology

Title: Digging for genes that contribute to behavioral evolution
Location: Whitehead auditorium

Thur., April 20th
4 p.m.

Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium Keynote
From Darwin to DNA: adaptation in the wild
Location: White Hall, Room 208

Undergraduate poster session beforehand
2-3:45 p.m.
Science Commons (Chemistry)

Tues., April 25th

Kate O'Toole, Emory Biology
Title: Drawing in the classroom as a model-building skill


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