Lab Publications

Behavioral Analysis of Drosophila

  • Berman, G.J., Bialek, W., and Shaevitz, J.W., "Predictability and hierarchy in Drosophila behavior" PNAS, 113, 2016, 11943-11948 [Link] (preprint here).
  • Klibaite, U., Berman, G.J., Cande J., Stern, D.L., and Shaevitz, J.W., "An unsupervised method for quantifying the behavior of interacting individuals" Physical Biology (in press, preprint here).
  • Choi, D.M., Berman, G.J., and Shaevitz, J.W., "Complex changes in behavior with age in Drosophila melanogaster revealed by unsupervised behavioral mapping" (in preparation).
  • Berman, G.J., Choi, D. M., Bialek, W., and Shaevitz, J.W., "Mapping the stereotyped behaviour of freely moving fruit flies" J. Royal Soc. Interface, 11, 2014, 20140672. [Link]
  • Berman, G.J., Choi, D. M., Bialek, W., and Shaevitz, J.W., "Mapping the structure of drosophilid behavior" arXiv, 2013, 1310.4249v1. [Link]
  • Modelling and Quantification of Vocal Repertoires

  • Berman, G.J., Seagraves, K., and Egnor, S.E.R, "Continuous variation in mouse ultrasonic syllable structure revealed through low-dimensional embedding" (in preparation).
  • Tabler, J.M., Mitchell, M.M., Berman, G.J., Gopalakrishna, S., Fitch, R., Carter, C., Vokes, S., Tajbakhsh, S., Egnor, S.E.R., and Wallingford, J., "Cilia-mediated Hedgehog signaling controls form and function in the mammalian larynx" eLife (in press) [Link]
  • LaRue, K., Clemens, J., Berman, G.J., and Murthy, M., "Acoustic duetting relies on the integration of auditory and tactile signals in Drosophila virilis" eLife, 4, 2015, 07277. [Link]
  • Dynamical Analysis of Human Brain Data

  • Billings, J.C., Medda, A., Shakil, S., Shen, X., Kashyap, A., Chen, S., Abbas, A., Zhang, X., Nezafati, M., Pan, W., Berman, G.J., and Keilholz, S.D., "Instantaneous Brain Dynamics Mapped to a Continuous State Space" bioRxiv, 2017. [Link]
  • Billings, J.C., Medda, A., Berman, G.J., and Keilholz, S.D., "Functional connectivity metrics for wavelet clustering of rs-fMRI data" 50th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 1295-1299, 2016. [Link]
  • Insect Flight

  • Ristroph, L., Bergou, A.J., Berman, G.J., Guckenheimer, J., Wang, Z.J., and Cohen, I., "Dynamics, Control, and Stabilization of Turning Flight in Fruit Flies" In: Childress, S., Hosoi, A., Schultz, W.W., and Wang, Z.J., eds. Natural Locomotion in Fluids and on Surfaces, Springer, New York, NY, 2012, 83-100. [Link]
  • Ristroph, L., Bergou, A.J., Ristroph, G., Coumes, K., Berman, G.J., Guckenheimer, J., Wang, Z.J., and Cohen, I., ”Discovering the flight autostabilizer of fruit flies by inducing aerial stumbles” PNAS, 107, 2010, 4820-4824. [Link]
  • Berman, G.J. "Optimization, Control and Flies: Quantitative Studies of Insect Flight" Ph.D. Thesis, Cornell University, 2009. [Link]
  • Ristroph, L., Berman, G.J., Bergou, A.J., Wang, Z.J., and Cohen, I., ”Automated hull reconstruction motion tracking (HRMT) applied to sideways maneuvers of free-flying insects” Journal of Experimental Biology, 212, 2009, 1324-1335. [Link]
  • Berman, G.J. and Wang, Z.J., ”Energy-minimizing kinematics in hovering insect flight,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 582, 2007, 153-167. [Link]