Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have to have a Research Mentor lined up in order to apply to the program?

On the Application form you must identify a research mentor that you have discussed possible research opportunities with either by phone or in person before you submit your application form to the program office for review and processing. Failure to identify a potential research mentor may result in your application not being reviewed. Please click here to view the list of approved research mentors for this program. If you identify a research mentor not on this list, he/she will have to submit a mentor application and be approved by the program director before you can be accepted into the program.

2. Does it look better for an applicant to already have a mentor lined up if she/he were to be offered an interview?
Yes. Having a Research Mentor already in place will expedite the processing of your application since you will not have the added responsibility of interviewing with Research Mentors while interviewing for the Program.

3. Do I need to prepare a seminar if called for an interview with the FIRST program?
No. You only need to prepare a seminar if requested to do so by your prospective Research Mentor.

4. When do we receive our annual increase?
Annual increases are given on the anniversary date of when you began the program. So if you began the program on September 1st, your increase will be given on September 1st of the next year. If you began the program on January 1st, your increase would occur the next January.

5. What is the best way to handle travel expenses?
You may apply for an Emory Corporate Card through Emory University Finance division.. Ultimately you are responsible for the bill, however, upon returning from your conference, bring all your receipts to Glenda Stewart, Program Coordinator in room 1001, 1st floor, Dept. of  Biology for Travel Reimbursement. This way your reimbursement to pay your travel expenses should be already in your account by the time the bill arrives.

6. How do we purchase items with our institutional allotment?
All items purchased with your institutional allotment should be ordered through the Program Coordinator,  particularly computers or other large ticket items. Smaller items, such as software or books, may be purchased individually, however, please check with the finance personnel to make sure you still have funds available and also to see if the item you want to purchase is an approved expense.

7. What is the deadline to spend the institutional allotment?
July 31st of the each calendar year is the deadline for ordering equipment and supplies with your institutional allotment. Any unspent money will not carry forward to the next year and ultimately will be lost.

8. Who can I contact to find out how much money I have left in my account?
This year Fellows will be given their own personal speed type, thus they will be able to keep track of their spending. In the event there are questions you may ask Mariana Teodorescu our financial person, she will be the one managing all speed types. Lou Ann Brown, Program Director will make the allocations, Glenda Stewart will oversee financial expenditures. Please message them with any questions about your account.

9. How often does the entire program meet?
The entire group of fellows and administrators come together for lunch once quarterly to discuss successes, problems or concerns, and upcoming events. These meetings occur on the 2nd Wednesday, of each quarter.

10. How many conferences can I attend?
Fellows are given $1000 to spend for travel. This will generally cover one or possibly two scientific meetings depending on the location.