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Theory and Modeling

Computational approaches are used in several research areas of the Department. In computational genomics, we study how complex function is encoded in the genome. In population biology, computational approaches are used for example to study the spread of disease agents in populations. In Neuroscience, computational approaches are used to model biological neurons and small pattern generating networks.

Faculty working in this area are:

Rustom Antia Headshot
Rustom Antia
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor
Rollins 1017
Jaap de Roode Headshot
Jaap de Roode
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor
Rollins 1113
Katia Koelle Headshot
Katia Koelle
Associate Professor
Rollins 1015
Bruce Levin Headshot
Bruce Levin
Samuel C. Dobbs Professor
Rollins 1109
Ilya Nemenman Headshot
Ilya Nemenman
Math & Science Center N240
Astrid Prinz Headshot
Astrid Prinz
Associate Professor
Rollins 2105