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Model of the leech heartbeat motorneuron (Release 4/4/2014)

Download: Leech Heart Motor Neuron Model for Ganglia 8 & 12

See also: ModelDB entry

Used in: Lamb DG, Calabrese RL (2013) Correlated Conductance Parameters in Leech Heart Motor Neurons Contribute to Motor Pattern Formation. PLoS ONE 8(11): e79267. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0079267

To simulate a particular model instance, execute:

lgenesis-noX/lgenesis -altsimrc lgenesis-noX/simrc Models_SubA_SubB_C/[modelname].g

where [modelname] is the desired model instance as a string, e.g. 26_33_43_03_19_08_03_30_13_28_27_14_46.

The directory ./Models_SubA_SubB_C contains the model instances for the subsets of the three sets used in the paper, in particular those used for the later figures.

Simulations may be batch processed in parallel (see the Scripts/ directory) or the output files may be changed to provide additional parameters, i.e. more than just the soma membrane voltage.

Damon Lamb - 2014/04/02

Tutorial and model of the leech heartbeat timing network (Release 8/20/99)

This new tutorial includes introductory material, a graphical user interface to the model, and suggested experiments to help the user explore and understand the model.
You'll need three things to run the network leech model: 1) the GENESIS simulation program, 2) the GENESIS script files for the model and tutorial, and 3) an extension to GENESIS that is required by our GENESIS files. Items 2 and 3 are available at this site, and you can GENESIS at Instructions for running the model are contained in item 2.
  1. The GENESIS simulation program
  2. Extensions to GENESIS required by the model of Heart Interneuron Network:
Use 'tar -xvf filename.tar' to extract files from the tar archives above.


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