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Bill Kelly graduated from Belmont Abbey College in 1981 and earned an M.S. at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 1985. He joined the Department of Biological Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for his Ph.D., which he received in 1993. His graduate work on protein glycosylation was under the supervision of Gerald W. Hart. He then pursued postdoctoral research on germline transgene regulation with Andy Fire at the Carnegie Institute, and joined the Emory College Biology Department faculty in 2000.

Sara Fielder - Graduate Student in Emory's Genetics and Molecular Biology Program  
B.A. Bryn Mawr College
Joined 2014

Christine Doronio - Graduate Student in Emory's Genetics and Molecular Biology Program  
B.S. Mount Saint Mary's College
Joined 2015

Quincey Caylor - Research Specialist/Lab Manager
B.S. University of Tennessee Knoxville
Joined 2015

Kelly Lab Alumni

Name Position Current Whereabouts
Jeong Ahn, PhD Post doc University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Beth Bowman, PhD Vanderbilt University
Matt Edwards Research Assistant Mango Lab, Harvard University
Tengguo Li, PhD Post-Doc Centers for Disease Control
Jackie Arico, PhD Kansas City, Mo
Jean Rossairo Technician Emory University
David Katz Assistant Professor Emory University, Dept of Cell Biology
Karissa McClinic High School Biology teacher MLK Jr High School
Hirofumi Furuhashi Post-doc/Professor Tohoku University
Andrew Roos Undergrad/Tech Graduate School at Stanford
Jenna Froelich Grad Student New Jersey
Emily Huang Undergrad Emory University
Tom Ratliff, PhD Postdoc L'Hernault lab
Paula Checchi, PhD Grad student Faculty member at Southern Polytechnic State University
Chris Bean, PhD Post-Doc Across the street at the CDC
Christine Schaner, PhD Post-doc Post Doc at University of Virginia
Jessica Hauth, MS Grad Student University of Miami Law School
Toni Grim Tech Atlanta
Brianne Ray Tech U. of Virginia Graduate Program
Kelvin Whisenhunt Tech Atlanta
Yasamin Vojdani Undergrad Emory

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