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Emory Biology majors have the opportunity to earn academic credit towards their Biology major via courses taken abroad.  The Emory College Study Abroad office hosts descriptions of many study-abroad programs that can be used.  It is important that students confirm that the courses they would like to take towards a Biology degree are equivalent to our courses.  Interested students should speak with their advisors prior to enrolling.

Study Abroad in Australia

The Biology Department has two Programs in Australia. 

1) The Biology and Environmental Studies Departments have a summer study abroad program in tropical north Queensland, Australia. The two departments alternate summers running the program and the courses vary from year to year.  Students in the program take two courses during the 5-week program. The program involves lecture, discussion, and field experiences. For more details, see program listing on the CIPA website.

2) The Biology Department, along with the NBB program and Chemistry Department, has a semester long research focused study abroad program at The University of Melbourne in Victoria southern Australia. Biology students directly enroll at the University of Melbourne and take regular courses with Australian students as well as work in one of the university's research labs. At least one semester of research experience with an Emory biological/biomedical research group is required to enroll in this program along with other academic requirements. For more details, see program listing on the CIPA website.

Additional Biology courses include field trips to locations in Georgia, South Carolina and South America.  Check the Biology course offerings for the availability of these courses.

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